Andaman Nicobar Island Beach festival

Envision yourself at the precipice of sand meeting water, where the world as you stand melts away and converges into a blurred line between shore and surf. Inhale, and taste the salt air, as the echo of birdsong haunts the air. Bright rays of sunshine smile upon you as your lift your eyes toward the picturesque skyline. Are you dreaming? Maybe, but not for long, as you get to explore the thrilling Bay of Bengal with one of our Andaman tour packages starting from Bangalore. The Andaman island are in India, a scenic tropical paradise, and have been compared to Hawaii, with their natives living on some remote areas that are off-limits to visitors. Not to worry! There’s still far more to do than you will have time for.

What have you always desired from a beach getaway? An Andaman tour package is the way to go ,Reclining just off the sand in a comfortable hammock, sipping an icy beverage, watching crabs scuttle along the surface of the water as beach-goers relax around you? Explore sites of historical significance, learning more and more about the island’s rich cultural history, while retreating to an amazingly luxurious, fairly-priced resort? In Andaman, this experience can be yours. Have you ever wanted to strap on a scuba tank and go diving by a dense coral reef, mesmerized by the flora and fauna of a completely diverse marine ecosystem? Why wait? In Andaman, this experience can be yours. Seize the moment, throw a snorkel on and bubble beneath the surface as rolling waves crest just above your head, and become an underwater explorer. Confound your mind and your senses explode in delight from mystical slipstreams of bright fish coming by you, or instead, behold the coral in all of its majestic splendor, as the living and breathing firmament of an entire aquatic civilization.

Okay, so perhaps you’d rather not get your feet wet? Why not kick back in a luxury boat, put your rod in the water, and see if you’ve got the chops for some high-class fishing? Unrestricted catches are waiting on there, oblivious to how quickly they will find themselves in your net. Fancy yourself a swashbuckler, or a modern-day Blackbeard? Perhaps you just possess some naval skills? Hop aboard a Catamaran and become the captain of your trip! Andaman tour packages offer a lush variety of inviting possibilities unparalleled elsewhere. Scale every height with a wide plethora of activities from shopping and dining, and typical nightlife, to pulse-pounding thrills that even experienced island adventurers will find fresh and rewarding. When you make it back, easily wow your friends and family with pictures you have taken of the idyllic surroundings in Andaman, and have everyone envious. Or perhaps you, the thoughtful individual you are, will have taken it upon yourself to reward those in your life with souvenirs of your island expedition. Return with a relic from the ancient beaches, or settle for a keepsake from the Naval Museum or aquarium on the island. It’s your choice.

Don’t let this island hideaway hide from you any longer. What are you waiting for? Some of these tours are unbeatable! Make sure you pack your swimwear, but don’t tell your boss where you’re going – he might want to tag along. With something for everyone, I can’t wait to see you down on Elephant Beach, or maybe on Neil Island. Jump on in! The water’s fine!